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kick-off: 23 02 2018, 20:00
league: Netherlands , Eerste Divisie
Match: Graafschap - Helmond
price: 79 $
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kick-off: 23 02 2018, 16:30
league: Bulgaria , Parva Liga
Match: CSKA-Sofia - Cherno More
price: 79 $
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kick-off: 23 02 2018, 18:00
league: Czech Republic , 1 Liga
Match: Dukla Prague - Jablonec
price: 79 $
Match has already started

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Betting tips for winning in-play bets

In-play football betting is quite analogous to the outright market but it is still defined by some peculiar features that need to be taken into account by those who are willing to get involved in it and to make profitable bets and successful football betting predictions. But you need to polish your football skills and demonstrate your best potential because it isn't easy to beat the bookies that always strive to keep ahead of football punters. Here are some suggestions that will improve your chances to win.

Proper management of finances and betting tips

All football gamblers should always be very careful of their finances without considering the type of betting and predictions they prefer. Fix the cash you can invest in wagers and never cross the line. It is easier than you expect to end up with a broken budget. One crucial rule to follow is to place about 5% of the total cash on the different football odds. This strategy provides the greatest chances to achieve a long-term profitability. No matter how attracting certain odds or betting tips may seem, you better not invest more than you can actually afford.

Limit wagers to sports you follow

The essence of in-play football betting is to put stakes on a sport you know very well and understand not only its basics but the details, too. Don't bet on multiple sports that you hardly know. Limit your wagers to those that you follow constantly and are knowledgeable about. It's quite insensible to place losing bets on events you don't follow, isn't it? So choose your football betting picks according known leagues and games.

Try to watch the games before betting

One of the wonderful advantages of in-play soccer betting is that you can watch some part of the soccer game prior putting a stake. This often determines whether a stake is successful or not. The opportunity to watch the performance and to analyze the football tactics provides an amazing advantage that shouldn't be underestimated. Now it is even easier to watch matches because there are many websites streaming various events.

Don't increase bets to cover losses

Today football punters are quite impatient to see if their wager has been successful and the expansion of the industry allows the outcomes to become clear within several minutes. However, this may not be as constructive as it sounds because it provokes you chase your losses - a great mistake and can have serious consequences if you not choose best betting tips. You can lose lots of money if you spontaneously increase your bets without thinking carefully and considering all data and factors. It's understandable that this option is quite attractive and tempting but it is seldom lucrative, so avoid practising it.

Get familiar with the market and its special features

Don't start football betting on live sports events without first getting familiar with the specific features of the market and its trends. Follow the odds and their fluctuations - they change almost every minute, so you should be aware how the football odds move in order to act quickly when needed. Information about the inner workings of the market will allow you make successful decisions.

Today most of the bigger bookies have online sections for in-play football betting completed with live stream of major sports events, so football punters have a great choice. Bookmakers also offer some nice promotions and bonuses, especially for new punters, and you can take advantage of them to make successful bets.